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Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance

In view of modern requirements, style of work and the quite literal interconnectedness of the whole world through modern technologies, there is a rapid increase in the need to cover risks associated with the use of information systems, the internet and data collection.

Any company that comes into contact with electronic data, whether on mobile devices, computers, servers or online, is exposed to such risks. Hospitals, public administration entities and similar institutions are at extremely high risk.

Cyber insurance is a specific product that combines coverage of your own damages and damages caused to third parties. This means damages caused by data and information leaks, and unauthorised handling of personal data, while sanctions imposed by a supervisory authority, costs of related professional services (PR services, IT services and data recovery services), and damages caused by the publication of digital content are also covered. Very frequent ransom demands from hackers are covered and, last but not least, you can also be insured against business interruptions due to a disruption of your company’s IT system.