Inpol Insurance Broker, JSC is a Czech corporation providing insurance services in the area of industrial and business risks.

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Property insurance

Fire and general insurance against natural disasters

Insurance is negotiated with a so-called basic coverage for damage or destruction of items by fire, explosion, lightning and plane collision or crash. This insurance coverage may be extended at your request and according to concrete requirements to cover other dangers which may threaten your property, namely deluges and floods, gales and hailstorms, heavy snow or ice accumulation, the collapse of trees or other objects or earthquakes.

It is possible to negotiate insurance coverage not only for personal belongings, but also for items owned by others, such as the subjects of leasing contracts, items which are subject to rental contracts which include the stipulation that they must be insured, etc.

For the most part, insurance is drafted as insurance of the replacement value; this means, therefore, that in the event of damage to, or destruction of, personal items, the insurance company will pay out an amount equal to the amount required to repair the item or the replacement value; wear and tear are not considered. Less valuable objects and technological items or items that are fully depreciated are evaluated at partial price or their value is then determined by other methods.

Insurance is negotiated with a deductible, which is an amount agreed upon between the insured party and the insurance company in the insurance contract which is subtracted from the insurance settlement during each occurrence of an insured event.

Important Certificates

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