Inpol Insurance Broker, JSC is a Czech corporation providing insurance services in the area of industrial and business risks.

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Other insurance

Insurance against technical interruption of service

This is insurance coverage equivalent to insurance against service interruption due to fire; again this insurance coverage guarantees businesses the compensation of damages which occur as a result of machinery damage specified in the insurance coverage for machinery and mechanical equipment. Even in this case, the insurance company compensates, above all, the profit which the insured party loses until service is reinstated and the expenses which he/she must still pay out during the time that his/her business is not in operation. The subject of compensation are fixed expenses and lost profits during the time of an outage. At the current time, this type of insurance is one of the most significant, as it allows companies to continue making leasing payments, loan payments, employee salaries, etc. even during the time they cannot be in operation due to an outage. Essentially a rule should apply that the more leasing and loan payments a company has, the more important it is that its key technological equipment and economic results should have this type of insurance coverage.

Important Certificates

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