Inpol Insurance Broker, JSC is a Czech corporation providing insurance services in the area of industrial and business risks.

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Other insurance

Insuring items against all risk for building machinery and mechanical equipment

This type of insurance is most suitable for movable building machinery and mechanical equipment, namely dredges, cranes, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, excavators, rollers, trolleys, mixers, building lifts, etc. The insurance applies to damage or destruction of the insured items due to fire, explosion, lightning, gales, avalanche, landslide or mudslide, hailstorms, deluge or flood, a crash or a fall, and intentional damage. As compared to the traditional insurance of machinery and mechanical equipment, this insurance coverage does not include internal mechanical problems whether they are due to poor construction, defective material, a manufacturer's defect, electrical short, over-voltage, etc.

Important Certificates

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