Inpol Insurance Broker, JSC is a Czech corporation providing insurance services in the area of industrial and business risks.

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  • We provide consulting services in all areas of the insurance industry.
  • We work up insurance concepts aimed at maximal insurance protection against damages which would financially endanger our client.
  • We create an insurance policy which is developed so that it limits the possible risk which can endanger the property and business activities of our client.
  • We provide appraisals of our client's property with the goal of setting the proper values to be insured so that in the event of damage, the insurance company does not indicate under-insurance.
  • We draw up the background documents for insurance offers which we submit to individual insurance companies.
  • We provide evaluations of the offers from insurance companies in a manner such that the customer can obtain information about the advantages and disadvantages of each individual offer.
  • We create a competitive environment between insurance companies with the purpose of obtaining quality insurance to protect our clients.
  • We represent our clients during the negotiations regarding insurable incidents with the goal of a just and timely settlement.
  • We manage the insurance (that is, negotiate any changes, possible addenda, withdrawals, and so forth).
  • We inform our clients about the situation on the insurance market.
  • We act as the intermediary for arranging public tenders.

Description of the procedure for creating and managing an insurance contract

The phase of initiating a partnership

  • Accepting a power of attorney from the costumer to represent him/her in the insurance area , and/or concluding a contract for acting as negotiator in the insurance area
  • Analyzing the current state of insurance coverage (existing insurance contracts), and, in the event that no such contracts exist, providing temporary risk coverage based on a preliminary promise
  • Analyzing all the possible insurance risks that threaten the customer's business activities property, liability, transportation, etc.
  • Comparing the existing realities of coverage of insurance risks with the objective needs as determined by the analysis of all
  • Suggesting the optimal risk coverage according to a customer's individual requirements, that is, combining the actual needs, requests and eventualities of the customer and working up a risk analysis report with which to approach insurers.
  • Receiving the customer's confirmation of the contents of the risk analysis report.
  • Issuing an inquiry to insurance companies for risk coverage creating a competitive environment with regards to the price of risk insurance coverage.
  • Evaluating the offers received from the insurance companies with regard to the characteristics of the insurance companies and their products in relation to the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Selecting an insurance company.
  • A formal review and control of the content of the insurance contract between the insurance company and the customer prior tp its conclusion.

During the validity of the insurance contract

  • Managing the insurance contracts, including all communications with the insurer.
  • Keep the contracts updated in conjunction with any changes occurring in the customer's situation, addenda, cancellations, immobilization, etc.
  • Renewing the contracts.
  • Processing the back ground material for the settlement of damaging incidents and supervising the process giving consideration to the speed with which the insurance claim is paid out in the interest of replacing the damaged item, manufacture and so forth.
  • Providing information about any change or innovations in the offers of insurance products.
  • VIP service in the insurance area for owners and managers of companies for whom we negotiate insurance coverage.
  • In the event of necessity, training the customer's employees regarding the basic questions of insurance, the procedures for reporting the occurrence of an insured event, etc.

Important Certificates

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