Inpol Insurance Broker, JSC is a Czech corporation providing insurance services in the area of industrial and business risks.

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Property insurance

Property insurance

When selecting the most advantageous insurance, it is necessary to determine the greatest threats to the property and which dangers can cause the most damage.

Property is usually threatened by these dangers:

  • natural dangers (fire, explosion, lightning, plane crash, deluge, flood, gale, hailstorm, mudslide, landslide, collapse of a tree, tower and other items, earthquake, heavy snow or ice accumulation)
  • water flowing from water pipes
  • theft or burglary
  • intentional damage - vandalism
  • falling items
  • crashing into an item
  • vehicular collision
  • a flaw in the material, internal mechanical fault, manufacturer's defect
  • overpressure of steam, liquid, gas
  • entry of a foreign object
  • disruption by centrifugal force
  • electrical short, over-voltage, induction

While buildings are most often threatened by fire or explosion (and according to local conditions, water damage, gales, hailstorms, deluge or flood), equipment and inventory are more likely to be damaged by natural risks, possibly theft or burglary. Machinery, mechanical equipment, construction material or tools, technological ensembles, computers and electronic equipment are also threatened by the aforementioned risks and the insurance thereof is drafted as against all risks.

Important Certificates

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